Straight Guise

If nothing comes to you at first, don't worry. Just keep writing - even if all you can write is "Nothing is coming to me. This feels stupid. I don't know if this will ever work."

The goal is to find the proper ratio of X and Y and after you have defined the correct ratio, your last question should be: has the aspect ratio of activities X and Y been satisfied? If the answer is NO, you have to change the parameters (the relationship between X and Y). If the answer is yes, congratulations, you have the optimal strategy and definitely less frustration in the future!

You may not like your current comfort zone and say you want to achieve certain goals but if you discover that you are serving up excuses why you, others, or circumstance prevent you from maintaining your commitment then know that you are in a state of fear. Just take a deep breath. Breathe out. Center yourself. Listen to what your inner being wants. Let go of the voice of that incessant Inner Critic who works hard to keep you safe. Keeping you safe to this well-meaning yet woefully misguided egoic part of you is to keep you right where you are. It's what you know so it's safe.

These days being the editor of the school newspaper is a very coveted position to have. But coming up with editorial topics for high school students on a regular basis is not very easy. Too often editors are hounded by the question: what to write on? So, here are some editorial ideas for high school students that will prod them in the right direction.

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The retention of un-prosecuted offences on the statute book runs the risk of bringing the law into disrepute. The council also recognized that the above view did not necessarily represent the views of its members collectively. A significant minority of Council members as well as members of the Law Society at large has an opposing view, which strongly supports the retention of section 377A gay sex law of the Singapore Penal Code.

2. Think positive. Any time you feel the negative emotions of fear coming over you, think of something positive - eating chocolate, being at the beach or in the mountains, a bright summer's day. Exchanging the negative emotion for a positive one actually changes the way you feel and think, lessening the fear factor.