Making the Big Leap with Gay Hendricks: Exclusive Podcast Interview

This could be a request for guidance: "What's my next step in implementing the reorganization in my department?" or "How can I better handle the conflict with my sister?"

When you are centered, in alignment with the truth of who you are, life flows effortlessly. Your moments are largely spent "in the zone" of your creative spirit. You are engaged, unaware of the passage of time and firing on all cylinders of your artistic expression and life potential.

So here were some editorial topics for high school students. Apart from these, you can also write about topics like biographies of famous people, book reviews, etc. Editorial writing is a fun experience which also develops your thinking ability. It also helps one find his niche. For example while writing editorials, you might realize that journalism is what you wanted to do all along! Writing an editorial is a fun and knowledge enhancing experience, all at the same time. Here are some more editorial topics for middle school students.

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The Law Society of Singapore, at the invitation of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) last November to comment on the government's proposed amendments to the Penal Code has advised the government that the retention of s.377A in its present form cannot be justified.

You may be afraid to talk to a friend about your fear, thinking they may look at you like you're immature, ridiculous, silly or childish. It is necessary, though, to get it out and acknowledge the basis of your fear in order to let it go. A therapist can help you do this with support and expertise and you won't have to worry about hearing "oh, just grow up".

Early on in my training, one of the first things my teacher had me do was to wear a dress during spiritual ceremony. He was one of the most masculine men I have ever met, and yet he was telling me to wear a dress? When we were in ceremony, all the other men could wear their normal clothes. I had to wear a dress, and I was not exactly thrilled about it.